Through Language, We Connect
〜Every child's present, tomorrow, and future will shine brightly〜

Our mission is to support children of foreign roots living in Japan in opening up their Mirai "futures" through Japanese language classes. At Hikari JS Mirai, we believe that language proficiency can expand children's worlds and help them discover new aspects of themselves alongside their cultural heritage. We work together with parents to support children in developing their language skills and aiming for high school and university education. At Hikari JS Mirai, we back children to acquire language proficiency, maximize their potential in Japan and the global community, and take steps toward self-realization.

Parent's Voice

"My son is studying with Mirai Koudo JS. Our family has been living in Japan for four years now. We started taking Japanese classes to be able to solve things on our own and learn about the culture. There are advantages to interacting with the teacher and it's an effective way to study at home, so I don't think there are any disadvantages.

Before taking classes, my child was more shy than other kids and was afraid of speaking and making mistakes. However, since taking classes, he has become more confident and can now communicate with his friends and understand the teacher's explanations to some extent. He's also able to learn his favorite kanji, and every day he feels motivated to advance a little more as he understands a little bit more. Thank you very much for your patience with my child and for the teaching you give in every class."(Translate directly from Portuguese.)

"Our family had almost zero knowledge of Japanese language. We started taking Japanese classes to help our child catch up with school learning and to live in Japan.

The biggest advantage of online classes is being able to study at home. Also, I think it's an advantage that we can still interact with the teacher online. Thanks to the classes, our son has become better at communicating in school and is able to learn faster. He's also become more motivated and really likes both the teacher and the classes, so they are very important to him.

Since we know nothing about Japanese culture, absorbing as much as possible has been a big help in our daily life. Thank you very much."(Translate directly from Portuguese.)

At Hikari JS Mirai, we organize various events and exchange programs to enable our students to have more cross-cultural experiences. We strive to help you grow and discover new friends and cultures.

Free Japanese language learning materials are abundant at Kodomo no Nihongo Workshops

"Kodomo no Nihongo Work-ya-san" is a platform site for Japanese language learning materials for children. It offers a wide variety of content, including multiple-choice quizzes, matching games, word search games, Kanji memory games, and PDF printouts that allow children to learn Japanese while having fun. "Kodomo no Nihongo Work-ya-san" is a treasure trove of content for children to enjoy while learning Japanese.

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Japanese Class for Adults

Japanese lessons for parents have started. You can take the class with your child or by yourself. Click the banner to reach "Contact Us".

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